Thursday, 7 August 2008

Just The Facts

Found: another impartial source comparing the voting records and publicly-stated positions of each candidate: It’s a useful tool, particularly with regard to women’s and environmental issues where the records are so distinct.

Here’s the trick to navigating this site. When you search by issue, you may get the result “Neither pro nor con.” When this happens, don’t assume our candidate is wishy-washy. Click under the highlighted text,( i.e. “neither pro nor con”)and you will see what the candidate has to say.

The Olympic games start tomorrow, and with them a barrage of negative ads from the McCain campaign. Please bookmark and be prepared to consult it often to help us set the record straight.
Don’t let malicious innuendo and mendacious accusations go unchallenged. Your word means more to your friends than the anonymous voice overs in the paid policital spots.

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