Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Most You Can Do

With the Presidential race too close for comfort or complacency, it's becoming clear that success hinges on voter turn out. That's why we're heartened that so many of you have expressed interest in going back to the US in late October/early November to help get Barack Obama's supporters to the polls. You will be welcome, wherever you choose to go.

It's easy to make your own arrangements, via Choose the state where you'd like to volunteer. Follow the prompts from there.

If you're not able to go to the States, you will be able to help mobilize US-based voters by participating in the phone banks that Obamalondon will coordinate with Obama for America in the weeks leading to November 4th. If you're on the Obamalondon mailing list you'll be notified when we're set to start. Please pass along our email address to friends and cohorts who might want to join this vital initiative. (
Meanwhile, there's much to be done to get out the overseas vote. Please scroll down for forthcoming GOTV events, and watch your inbox for updates.

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