Saturday, 7 February 2009

More New Bloggers...

I'd also like to welcome Susan Greenberg to the blog. Susan is a career journalist and editor who will be keeping an eye on the British perspective on all things Obama - from reactions by the local newsagent to statements by British politicians. She'll aim to give a sense, for those back home, of how Britons are reacting to the Obama Presidency, including linking us to relevant UK news articles and opeds.

Here's a brief bio of Susan:

Susan Greenberg has lived in the UK since childhood, but has used her absentee ballot for US elections since turning 18. After a long spell as a writer and editor for newspapers, magazines and the web, she now teaches nonfiction writing at Roehampton University. Contributions to this blog are made in a personal capacity only.

That last bit goes for all of us, by the way!

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