Saturday, 7 February 2009

Welcome New Bloggers!

Hello Blog Audience (Blogience?),

I am excited to say that we have two fabulous new guest bloggers who are going to start contributing to Obama London. As some of you may know, I asked for new contributors to the blog a few weeks back because I wanted to broaden out our efforts here.

So let's all give a big "Obama London" welcome, first of all to Veena Vasita.

Veena is going to write about a range of issues, but she will focus on issues of urban renewal and livable communities - one area where Americans Abroad often have a unique perspective given some of the important differences between European and American social and urban structures.

I'll introduce our other guest blogger, Susan Greenberg in a post shortly.

I'm delighted to have them both, and am grateful in advance to them for their contributions.


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