Thursday, 26 November 2009

Things I'm Thankful For...

In no particular order.

1) My health.
2) Speaking of which, the NHS. Not only do they keep me healthy, they have transformed my life.
3) My family. Most of whom are across an ocean. Miss you!
4) Feeling proud to be an American.
5)Pret a Manger lattes. One of life's daily pleasures.
6) My husband. Another of life's daily pleasures
7) You Know Who.
8) You Know Who's sense of humor. On turkey pardoning: "There are days when I remember why I ran for this office. And then there are days like today, when I pardon a turkey and send it to Disneyland."
9) Michelle. Just because. You've gotta love Michelle.
10) Democrats Abroad. Registering overseas voters, lobbying for American's abroad, getting out the vote, allowing us to be politically active though far from home. They are a lifesaver. Speaking of which...
11) Being Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad, UK. Although some folks felt more inclined to offer me sympathy than congratulations when I was elected, I still consider it a great honor to represent the wonderful people in our membership.
12) Matthew Yglesias.
13) Andrew Sullivan.
14) Josh Marshall. Without these three men, my life would be so much duller and less informed!
15) New Media. I blog, I tweet, I Facebook. And I never thought I would love it... but I do. Thanks for reading.
16) Moving Past 9/11. It felt like the world would end that day. It didn't.
17) Discovering New Places. This year, Asturias in Northern Spain was a revelation.
18) Work. Difficult, interesting, challenging, inspiring projects - that they pay me for! My first year of self employment is turning out to be profitable in all sorts of ways. (Knock on wood.)
19) The London 2012 Olympic Games. Providing much of the afformentioned interesting work. And transforming my neighborhood - hurray for East London!
20) The New Yorker. Still the best magazine in the world, and the only one that can make me read about subject I am otherwise not at all interested in.
21) London.
22) Lovefilm. A constant supply of fresh DVDs has saved us from the rubbish TV options.
23) Comprehensive Healthcare Reform being passed out of all 3 House Committees.
24) Comprehensive Healthcare Reform being passed out of both Senate Committees.
25) Comprehensive Healthcare Reform being passed by the full House.
26) Comprehensive Healthcare Reform arriving on the floor of the Senate.
27) The possibility that comprehensive Healthcare Reform might pass the Senate by Christmas.
28) The most progressive Presidential budget in generations.
29) The Stimulus.
30) The stimulus starting to work.
31) Live chat on Facebook. And how it let's me keep in touch with folks.
32) Hope. I've still got it.

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